Matthew Burril

A Better Congressman

Matthew Burril is a man of faith guided by deep Christian morals, principles and values.

In his daily life, Matthew places his faith first. Whether it’s through serving his church teaching Sunday school and doing disaster relief, or in his capacity as Trustee for Christ-centered education at Montreat College.

“I am humbled by Gigi Graham’s endorsement,” said Matthew Burril on the endorsement. “Gigi asked me to do this. She is unapologetic about getting Christians in elected positions as she is very concerned about the path America is on and the current leadership in Washington. Gigi knows me well and knows that I will not waiver on my faith”

I agree the United States must pressure Vladimir Putin to end his invasion by removing his access to capital and economic resources. Eliminating purchases of Russian oil cuts off his last remaining source of income.

This will be painful for Americans at the pump. But it didn’t have to be this way.

Had Joe Biden chosen American energy independence instead of appeasing the radical liberal wing of his party, we could have pulled the plug on Putin’s oil revenues without inflicting the hardship of higher gas prices on American consumers.

“It’s time for real leadership. Washington needs to hear that working people, volunteers, businesspeople, and parents, like you and me, have a voice. I am asking you to send a strong conservative to Washington, who has experience building this region into a productive, authentic, welcoming place that it has become.”

Western North Carolina Values

Safeguarding the Christian values and morality upon which this Great Nation was founded. As a native of western North Carolina, I was raised to value faith, family, and hard work. These values have been the foundation of my life as an entrepreneur, community leader, husband and father.

As your representative in Congress, I will fiercely defend these values. 


Protecting North Carolina’s economy. Since President Trump has left office, our economy has plummeted. Inflation has skyrocketed and our supply chain is broken. This is clearly the result of disastrous policies pushed by the Biden Administration and the Radical Left in Congress. This year alone, Democrats have passed the most expensive pieces of legislation since the founding of our Country.

As North Carolina’s next Congressman, I will bring decades of experience as a financial advisor and common-sense thinking to reign in this out-of-control spending.


Protecting our education system from the Left’s “woke” propaganda. Children are the future of our Nation. The Radical Left’s hateful ideology infiltrating our schools and teaching our children to make assumptions of other Americans based on the color of their skin and not the content of the character is an example of Socialism gone wrong.

In Congress, I will do everything in my power to keep Critical Race Theory out of North Carolina classrooms. This “woke” propaganda is un-American.

2nd Amendment

Ensuring our right to bear arms remains enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. I will fight the Radical Left’s attempts to confiscate guns from law-abiding American citizens and push back on their attempts to take away our Second Amendment Constitutional right.


Protecting the unborn. As a man of faith, I am deeply pro-life. I praise Conservative leaders who have recently passed legislation designed to save these precious lives.

In Congress, I will vote to protect the unborn and thwart Liberal attempts to expand abortion.

Foreign Policy

Revitalizing our foreign policy. President Biden’s failed Afghanistan operation is clear evidence that his Administration is woefully inadequate in formulating strategic foreign policy and military operations. In Afghanistan, every American and every Afghan ally should have been escorted out of the country, the Bagram Air Base preserved, and all American military equipment shipped home, parked, or destroyed.

As North Carolina’s next Congressman, I will say no to inadequate foreign policy and support strategic American global endeavors to protect both our Country and our allies.


Protecting America’s borders. Protecting our Southern borders is unquestionably a national security issue. Since President Biden became our Commander-in-Chief, millions of unvetted people from across the globe have flooded our Southern border. This situation is unprecedented, and the number of illegal crossings reach new highs month after month.

America is a land of immigrants, and we welcome people of all races and creeds. However, as Congressman I will ensure all seeking a shot at the American Dream must come through legal ports of entry and be vetted.


Supporting free-market solutions to fix our health care system. Rising health care costs are hurting families in western North Carolina. As if Obamacare hadn’t caused enough harm, Democrats are now advocating for socialized medicine in the form of ‘Medicare for All’ which would cost Americans more than $30 trillion and destroy medical innovation.

Socialized medicine is a death sentence for struggling rural hospitals and clinics throughout western North Carolina.

As your Congressman, I will oppose every effort by the Left to ban private health insurance coverage and advocate for free-market solutions to fix our health care system by focusing on consumer choice and lowered drug prices.

The Opioid Crisis

Combating the opioid crisis. The opioid crisis has devastated communities across America, and western North Carolina is no exception. This epidemic is destroying lives, young and old.

As your Congressman, I will ensure that western North Carolina has the resources it needs to treat and prevent opioid addiction. We must foster innovation in medicine and treatment to help us fight this crisis!