Congressional Candidate Matthew Burril (NC-14) Reacts to Biden’s Press Conference

Today President Biden participated in a press conference covering his first year in office. It has been widely reported that Biden’s popularity continues to hit new lows as his Administration has failed to live up to campaign promises. COVID-19 remains out of control with a shortage of testing, inflation and supply chain issues are plaguing the U.S. economy, and violent crime and lawlessness on the Southern border and in major cities continues to rise.

Matthew Burril, congressional candidate for North Carolina’s new 14th district, had this to say about the failing commander-in-chief, “During his inauguration speech, Joe Biden promised to bring our divided country together. Instead of governing in a bipartisan manner as he promised during his inauguration, he has continued to polarize and divide our nation. It is abundantly clear to me that he is unwilling or incapable of tackling the real issues impacting our communities.”

Burril continued, “Trust in our nation’s leaders needs to be restored. This needs to start at the top, in our nation’s capital, and is part of the reason I am running for Congress. All too often career politicians in Washington have no idea what the people they represent want. Nobody I talk to on the campaign trail tells me they want voting rights legislation. They want the economy fixed, communities safe, and a solid plan to end this two-year long COVID-19 nightmare.”

Burril launched his campaign late last year with a campaign video that can be viewed on his website: